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Transporting Building Materials for Trailside Cabin with the Yanmar C50R-3C Crawler Carrier – Fall 2016

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Concrete Crushing Project:

Cat 314ELCR / Gorilla GXS120 Hydraulic Hammer

& Cat 335FLCR / MB BF90.2 Crushing Bucket – Spring 2016

Barre City Crushing Project  Barre City Crushing Project  Barre City Crushing Project    Cat 335F w/ MB BF90.2 Crushing Bucket   Crushing Bucket Being Loaded by Cat 314E




Cat 314ELCR with Gorilla GXS120 Hydraulic Hammer

Customer Prepping Site for Foundation –

What a Beautiful Location! – Winter 2016

Foundation 021 Foundation 025

The Finished Project –

“Could not have done it with out your assistance and great machine.”





Clearing a Solar Site with Track Trucks

Operate Safely & Efficiently with Our Patent Pending Kwik Kleet™ Traction Cleat System –

Winter 2015

CD110R-2 - Winter Traction CD110R-2 - Winter Traction

CD110R-2 - Winter TractionCD110R-2 - Winter Traction


CD110R-2 - Winter TractionCD110R-2 - Winter Traction


Just for Fun…..Here’s Our Ad from the March/April 2015 VAST Publication Snowmobile Vermont!

VAST AD MarApr 2015


Long Reach Excavator Breaks Up Ice Jam – Winter 2014


Cat 320ELRR Long Reach Breaks Up Ice Jam in Hardwick

Cat 320ELRR Long Reach Excavator








Pond Job by Tibbits Equipment -Summer 2012

18 Days from Cattails to Swimmin’ Hole! Tibbits Equipment Services has the equipment and skill to make it happen.



Komatsu CD60R-1 Crawler Carriers

Hauling Building Materials


Crushing Bucket  Saves Time & Money –

Crush and Re-Use Material On-Site


Star Screening Bucket

High Output Screening Buckets for

Topsoil, Compost, and Waste


Screening Bucket at Work 005


001 Star Screening Bucket


Lloyd Rotatstar 5w Screening Bucket